Detox Capitalization- Post-Covid

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The best plan of action is to prepare for detoxing, do not, and I repeat, do not attempt to wing this. You will fail! If you are looking for information that is passed around on the internet, then stop reading now. I will share things that I and many others are doing that works! When you began your detox journey, a lot can happen with a three-day detox. You don’t need to detox for seven or even 14 days! Here is what has worked for me and many others;  I suggest eating the same fruits and veggies that are the ingredient make up of the juices you will be consuming to keep things consistent.

Here are four tips to capitalizing on as you detox:

1. Select teas conducive to your detox goals and contribute to meeting your daily water intake. The two I use are green tea and white tea.

Green tea help relieve the body of toxins and reduce bloating.  White tea is minimally processed, rich in antioxidants, and lowers the risk of heart disease. The compounds in white tea may help protect your skin from the effects of both internal and external aging, and I am trying to stay looking young as long as possible!

2. Drink cucumber water to keep your H20 interesting!

3. Eat selenium-rich foods to help clear toxic mercury out of the body. Especially for seafood lovers!!!! Two foods that I choose to eat are Brazilian nuts and raw sesame seeds.

4. Make a large pot of amaranth greens!

 I make a pot of amaranth greens, also known as callaloo, in the West Indies. Amaranthus is a seasonal crop. All amaranthus, aka amaranth leaf vegetable, is spinach; amaranth spinach. Amaranth spinach is very different from what the Americas know as spinach. That is a conversation for another day.

Amaranth leaves are known to lower the bad cholesterol responsible for cardiac problems. It is a known superfood and beneficial for almost every organ of the body. This emerald green contains lysine, an essential amino acid needed for energy production, promotes hair growth, and good skin.

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