Maximize Your Work outs

Believe it or not, for the body to work appropriately it needs sodium for its role to control blood pressure, blood volume, and for your muscles and nerves to work correctly. Your next question may be, what the heck blood volume is, and what does that mean for me? Blood volume refers to the total amount of fluid circulating within the arteries, capillaries, veins, and heart chambers at any time. Keep reading if you work out at least twice a week. For the health-conscious and physically active, the higher the volume of red blood cells equals athletic performance.

High red blood cell volume results in high oxygen transport to your muscles by facilitating an increased cardiac output. There is a significant impact of blood volume on athletic performance. Endurance athletes possess much higher blood volumes than non- athletes. Beets and Celery are two vegetables with natural sodium content. If you don’t enjoy eating them, it is easier to drink them.



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