Immunity System Recovery Shots

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Eight 2 oz Immunity Shots.

Ginger fights off germs, halts the growth of bacteria, and keeps viruses at bay. Prevents oral bacteria from growing, soothes sore muscles, and is an anti-inflammatory. Ginger may help lower blood sugar, lower cholesterol, and relieves indigestion. Lemon supports heart health, helps with weight control, and improves digestive health. Cayenne Pepper is considered a slimming spice that assists in weight loss. Along with soothing cold symptoms and clearing nasal passages, Cayenne contains capsaicin, an active plant compound that has pain-relieving properties. Recent studies have suggested that capsaicin helps kill bacteria, which may have a protective effect against ulcers, the uncomfortable sores that can develop inside the stomach lining or small intestine.



  • Organic Ginger
  • Organic Lemon
  • Organic Cayenne


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4 bottles

1 review for Immunity System Recovery Shots

  1. Shameka Lawson (verified owner)

    I have severe sinuses and allergies. I’ve spent years of buying allergy meds (That was taken daily…. Spending hundreds of dollars $$$$) and paying for doctor appointments only to find out I’ve had yet another sinus infection or upper respiratory infections!

    Pollen season is here so I decided to try these Immunity Recovery Shot, and boy did they open up even sinus passage that I have!! It totally works! I would advise anyone who suffers when the seasons change or with colds & allergies like I do to try this Immunity System Recovery Shots. You will NOT be disappointed!!

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