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Quick Guide on How to Begin a Juice Cleanse

When you complete a juice cleanse, it allows your major organs to rest. Do you remember how you felt the last time you needed rest, bud did not? Now imagine how your body feels when you don’t give it a break? It is not a machine. Let’s make sure to give it a rest; you deserve it!

Let’s start at the top of the day. The first thing to consume is water! Additionally, drink your juice on an empty stomach as your body tends to absorb all the vital nutrients on an empty stomach quickly. To optimize your detox experience, you must know the types of juices you need according to the time of day. 

Many researchers have claimed to benefit from carrot juice; one should always consume it on an empty stomach (Mohanty, 2021). Carrot juice has ample amounts of vitamin A which help remove toxins from the body and prevent the accumulation of fat and bile in the liver. One of the significant benefits of carrots is that they are loaded with anti-carcinogenic properties.

Let’s move on to the middle of the morning and the best options. Beets are said to be most beneficial when consumed in the morning as well. However, not first thing in the morning. Those who use antiseptic mouthwash or antibacterial toothpaste before drinking beetroot juice will significantly reduce and eliminate the benefits of beetroot juice (2020).

Juicing beets is an ideal way to enjoy them, as cooking them reduces their nutritional value. Dr. Oz shared that many of his patients have mentioned that juicing beets gave them more energy throughout their day. More energy allows us to get more done in a shorter time. Who knew that drinking beets could contribute to more efficiency.

If you are completing a half-day detox, as you progress to the morning close, it gets closer to the timeframe to consume solids. You can consume celery at any time, but the goal is to drink it at optimal times. Drinking celery juice closer to when you finish a meal will strengthen your digestion of foods you eat and for the rest of the day (n.d.).


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