Small Steps to Transition to Optimal Health

Consuming dairy products isn’t necessary for the diet for optimal health. Many people believe it is the only way to get calcium and vitamin D, and protein our bodies need to keep the heart, muscles, and bones healthy and functioning correctly.

Allow me to share one fact with you; vitamin D is a hormone, an essential nutrient if you will, but not a pill. Anything in pill form is artificial. We get vitamin D, going outdoors and allowing the sun rays to hit our skin; vitamin D is made during this process through the tissues inside of the body.

To capitalize on increasing your vitamin D levels, go outdoors and wear less clothing. Remember, those with darker melanin take longer to make vitamin D than lighter color skin. Now let’s get to the real point of these healthy insights (Medical News Today).

We all know someone who wants to transition from foods that don’t treat the body sufficiently to foods that love our bodies. Dairy is one that many of us struggle with. Each week we try to find healthy replacements that don’t compromise on taste.

We’ve started our transition by replacing all recipes containing mayonnaise with Hellmann’s vegan dressing spread. The texture and taste are unbelievable! Here is a recipe for those who enjoy a great Cesar dressing.

You will not regret trying this! Add this to the grocery list for this week! Save and share this post with those that you know who love Cesar salads!


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