Sugar Cravings? You Need a Detox Retreat!

As a busy business/career woman, wife, mom, friend, teacher, and all of the many hats that I currently wear, my primary reason for completing a juice cleanse is simply for the benefit of renewed energy.

I drink Cel-Q as a two-day detox because it rids all toxins and waste, allowing the body to spend less energy processing these things and leaving more in the reserves for other activities.

When you detox, you have to cut out sugary snacks and replace them with healthier options to give you more sustainable stamina and avoid the sluggish, tired feeling.

This juice improves my immune system and gives it a much-needed boost. I feel it almost instantly.

One additional benefit that I’ve noticed is a more radiant appearance. I can always tell when I need to detox because it’s no cliche that your outside does reflect on the inside. My top signs that reveal that I need to detox is when my complexion appears dull, when I see breakouts, when my nails become brittle, and my hair does not grow. The juice cleanse serves as a detox high in the nutrients and minerals excellent for the appearance, rather than the alternatives.

Although weight-loss isn’t necessarily my detoxing’s primary goal, I do notice that I lose weight too. I use this as a great way to reset my body if I plan to start a new product regimen or if I am preparing to start a workout routine.

Three things that help my commitment to detox are:

-Purge my refrigerator free from temptations

-Solicit their buy-in from everyone else in the house. (Yes, the kids too)

-Partner with someone that will hold me accountable to my commitment

Logs off and starts detox! 🙂

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