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Two Tips On How to Complete a Three Day Cleanse

To set yourself up for success, you should first:

  1. Proactively select healthy snack options as a contingency plan because you will need them!
  2. Prepare a salad to include the types of fruit in your juices or grilled with lean meat.

The goal is not to feel the pressure of hunger. Drink juices 2.5-3 hours apart. In between juices, hydrate with water. At a minimum, drink half your body weight in water. Natural Spring water should be the first consumption of the day; trust me, your body will thank you for this. Map out your water consumption for the day. 

I’ll use myself as an example; my current weight is 145 pounds, so my daily water consumption is 73 ounces. Therefore, I drink nine ounces over an eight-hour workday. Ensure that your last juice is consumed at least one hour before bedtime to avoid using the bathroom throughout the night. Lastly, whichever juice you choose, make sure that it is the healthiest option, but it has to taste good too!

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